You can almost breath the magic as you walk in,
a paradise within another paradise.

Welcome to
Cacao Mágico Puerto Vallarta

Cacao Mágico is located in Puerto Mágico, the new cruise ship terminal in Puerto Vallarta.

A place to learn about, remember, and honor the rich history of Mexican chocolate.

A place that invites to discover the new concept of Mexican cacao.

A place where you involve all your senses, the chocolate aroma welcomes you, the colors and textures of our beautiful hand made bonbons and the warmth of our people.


Honoring Mexico


Giving Back to the Community


Unique Experiences


Over 40 products made from Mexican Cacao

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Handmade chocolates created by our masters chocolatier. Belgium technology with a mexican flair.

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Involve all of your senses in a time dedicated to learning about chocolate while creating it.

Cacao Magico


Chocolate Tales

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