Cacao Mágico

About Us

We were officially born in December of 2019, however the idea of creating a place where we could honor the mexican culture through its gastronomy, specifically through chocolate, happened years ago.

This is how Cacao Mágico arose, because what's more Mexican than Chocolate, right? With the intention of redefining the concept of mexican chocolate, utilizing top of the line technology, Belgium training and using top quality ingredients, we took the risk to create Cacao Mágico.

Where the chocolate approaches, its forms, textures, colors and proposal disrupt what we have known of mexican chocolate, but they guarantee an unique experience of flavors.

"Chocolate is the only work of art that can be eaten."

- unknown author

At the heart of Cacao Mágico success is our incredible team of talented people who strive to make each experience unique and special for our customers and guests”

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